Horse Riding in a Show Setting

There are many different ways to enjoy horse riding. Some people just enjoy visiting a horse riding farm and going on an enjoyable trail ride. Then there are others who want to become more involved with horse riding. One of the opportunities to do this is show horse riding. Within this genre, there are several categories.

Western Riding

There are many competitions where western riding is the main focus. Riders here will use western style tack and will often choose horses that are more adapted to this type of riding. A good example of this is the quarter horse. The quarter horse is well recognized for its stocky build endurance and strength. In western riding shows some of the categories for showing are …

  • Western Pleasure Riding
  • Trail Riding
  • Rodeo riding
  • Barrel Racing
  • Reining

and many more!

English Riding

English riding takes on a completely different format, but requires the same level of expertise as western riding. There is always friendly controversy among horse riders as to whether it is Western riding or English riding that requires more skills and expertise. In English riding shows, some of the events are…

  • Different types of dressage
  • Endurance riding
  • Event riding
  • Game riding such as Horseball and Polo
  • Horse Racing
  • Show Jumping

And a few others!

There are several different breeds of horses that are used in the English riding category, but one of the favorites are throughbreds. They are highly recognized for their speed and how agile they are.

Both forms of riding are well known on the show circuit, and equally draw big crowds of spectators. In some cases, show riders participate in this activity purely for entertainment. Then there are others that do this as a career. In either case, it takes a lot of time and training for both the horse and the rider.

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