Horse Riding Mistakes

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Horse Riding Mistakes

Riding horses is fun. However, it is not easy, considering that any slight mistake might affect mobility and even cause accidents. There are a few mistakes that both beginner and experienced riders make and they include the following.

Holding Your Breath

It is not uncommon for learners to hold their breath as they begin horse riding classes. Even the pros will hold their breath when trying something new. No need to become tense. Simply hum a tune, smile, and laugh. Try breathing in a rhythm that matches the horse’s strides.

Putting Your Hands in the Air

More often than not, beginner riders will wave their hands in their air to express themselves or make contact with the horse. Remember that in horse riding the rider is the one controlling the horse. And you should simply shorten the reins to make contact. Keep your hands at hip level and engage your forearms, elbows, hands, and wrists for balance and to control the horse.

Gripping the Horse Tightly

Clenching the horse with your legs does not give you balance or control. Gripping and clenching are tiring and may cause the horse to move forward thinking that you’re telling it to do so. Keep both your feet under you by allowing your leg to hang from the hip. Also, avoid swinging your leg to the front or back.

Looking at the Horse

Focusing on your horse is not a bad idea. But too much of it is not advised. If you are a beginner rider, high chances are that you are obsessed or nervous such that you spent most of the time keeping an eye on your horse. And just like as in cars, looking down means that you cannot see clearly where you are going. You may cause accidents or even stiffen your body, which makes it difficult for the horse to carry you. Always keep your eyes forward and know your destination.