How Is Horse Riding Beneficial to Children?

Horse riding is enjoyable for almost any age group, but for children, aside from being a form of entertainment, it can also be beneficial in other ways.

Getting them Active

There are a lot of kids that don’t want to become involved in the various different types of sports. For these kids, it can be hard to encourage them to get the amount of physical activity that they need. Although horse riding is not a strenuous form of activity, it does require them to use some of the muscles in the body to be able to get on and off the horse, and maintain their proper posture. Also, when putting the horses through the different gates such as walking, jogging and trotting, the rider has to use different muscle sets in order to give the command to the horse to be able to make these transitions.

Mental stimulation

When a young one is on the back of a horse, they have to remain focused and be able to give the horse the proper commands. Even though it creates a relaxing atmosphere for them, being able to keep control of the horse, mentally stimulates the rider, and helps to build their confidence.

Social interaction

Horseback riding is often done in groups where several young ones will go out for a trail ride together. When riding at a leisurely pace it allows for some verbal interaction with the other riders. It also allows the group to work together, and this creates some excellent social skills. For children that are timid and shy, it gives them common ground to be able to discuss things of interest with other people that are of the same mind. Most often children find that they become more interactive with others who are involved with the horse’s care.

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