How to Get Over the Fear of Horse Riding

There are many people that absolutely love horses. They love the physique and the strength that they are so well known for. In addition to this, there are many that absolutely enjoy horse riding. There are some people however, that are frightened, and even though they have a great desire to enjoy what horse riding has to offer, they are not able to get past this fear that they are experiencing.

The first way to be able to get control of this is to learn more about horses in general. Gaining a better understanding of them will make you feel like you are more in control. It is true that they are a big animal, and they can be full of spunk and difficult to handle at times, but with the proper training and education, there should be no difficulty in a rider mastering this.

Something else to keep in mind is that horses can sense fear, and if a potential rider is fearful, the horse can easily pick up on this. This in turn can make the horse jittery, and more difficult to handle, which only helps compound the fear.

So at first, take time to just be around the horses and to start to touch and handle them by grooming, saddling, and putting on the rest of the tack. This will help to familiarize the individual as to what to expect from this animal.

No individual should attempt to horse ride on their own until they have overcome the fear, because riders must be in full control of the horse and themselves. It is also worth taking some time to try and determine what is creating the fear. Try to determine if it is the size of the horse, or if it is because of some bad experience that has happened in the past. Knowing this will help to deal with the issues.

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