The Basics of Horse Riding

If you are thinking about going horse riding for the first time, then you will at least want to know the basics of how to do this. It is not just a matter of jumping on the horse and away you go. To get the best experience from this type of adventure, you need to have some tips on how to go about it.

Getting Your Horse Ready

Depending on where you are going to go on your horse riding event, you may be expected to get your horse ready. You may have to tack up the horse. This means you will have to put the bit in the horse’s mouth which will have the reins with it. Then you will need to put on the horse blanket and saddle the horse. If this is all new to you, then there should be someone there to direct you through each step. Putting the bit in properly and putting up the saddle correctly are very important. In many cases horse riding establishments will do all this for you.

How to Mount the Horse

There are various ways to mount a horse, but if you are going to go on a regular trail ride using western tack, then the common method is to mount the horse from the left side.

You need to gather the reins in your left hand. You are going to hold onto the horn of the saddle or the main of the horse. Then put your left foot in the stirrup and hoist yourself up and swing your right leg over the center of the horse. Once you have cleared the horse, put your right foot firmly in the right stirrup. If you are unclear about this, ask someone to demonstrate this for you.

Once you are on the horse, you will use your knees and reins to direct the horse as to what to do . Again, ask for instructions if this is your first time horse riding.

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