Top Five Beginner Horse Riding Tips

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Top Five Beginner Horse Riding Tips

Horse riding is one of the best outdoor adventures and sports. Here are a few tips for beginner riders.

1. Sit Up Straight

You may have seen professional jockeys hunch over on their horses as if to make them move faster. Well, remember that this is no Grand National or any other race for that matter. Sit up straight, relax, and hold the reins without putting pressure on the horse. Carefully hold your balance and let your horse feel a though they are carrying a light load.

2. Look Forward

This is one of the most essential horse-riding tips. Always keep your eyes on where you are going. No need to fix your eyes on the horse. Focus on the trail for a safe trip. Experts may tell you to keep your eyes between the horse’s ears to concentrate on the path ahead.

3. Be Nice to Your Horse

A horse is a living thing and not a machine such as your car. Make sure you establish a good relationship with him. Greet and cuddle him. Allow the horse to rest and prevent strangers from scaring him, especially during group horse riding events. Talk to the horse regularly, especially when he’s angry or nervous, and he will be an obedient servant.

4. Hold the Reins Gently

Your riding technique largely depends on the style you are learning. The English way involves holding the reins in different hands. But if you are American, you grab both reins in the left or right hand. Whichever style you choose, relax your hands so as not to pull too hard on your horse.

5. Wear Horse Riding Gear

Safety comes first when riding a horse. And one way to be safe is by wearing the right gear. Put on a low-heeled boot to prevent your feet from slipping through the stirrups. Wear a helmet and long trousers. Things to avoid include shorts, mini-skirts and anything that may get entangled.